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AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Game Name The Picture  v.1.2

AOL Instant Messenger Game Name The Picture. Each person in the game sees a picture, and has to think of a funny caption. Everyone then votes for their favorite caption, and the most votes wins a point!

Friendplay Instant Messenger (IM)  v.2.3

Friendplay Instant Messenger

AOL Instant Messenger PowerPlus  v.1.6

AIM PowerPlus enhances your AOL Instant Messenger with great new features and add-ons, these include powering up your AIM with 200 new free smileys, comprehensive chat conversation recording (full HTML with time tags, all colors and URLs preserved),

AOL Instant Messenger for Mac OS  v.4.7

AOL Instant Messenger lets you exchange Instant Messages, share photos, chat and more with your friends, family, and co-workers on the Internet. This version of AIM includes the following popular features: - Instant Messaging and Chat - News and

Office Instant Messenger Software  v.2.0

Download the Inter office instant messenger and organizer from Live2Support Inc

IMGiant Instant Messenger  v.2.1

IMGiant is a new instant messaging client that lets you unify all your screen names from AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and IRC in one tabbed chat window. All your buddies stored and viewed in one Buddy List window. Imgiant contains NO adware!

Instant Messenger Software  v.2.0

Instant messaging (IM) is a form of live text messages between two or more people. This software is made to reduce phone support internally in an organization. It can be used in offices where staff is using their personal computer or any other device

Instant Messenger Dating  v.1.0

IM-Dating is an Instant Messenger Dating program. IM Dating allows you to meet people with the very same interests as yourself immediately. Simply search our database and find your match. IM Dating is absolutely Free.

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)  v. Beta 4 /

You don't have to be an America Online member to experience the immediate cross-Internet communication made possible by AOL Instant Messenger. This program allows Internet users to communicate via private, personalized text messages, and indicates

AOL Instant Messenger  v.4.7

You dont have to be an America Online member to experience the immediate cross-Internet communication made possible by AOL Instant Messenger. This program allows mInternet users to communicate via private, personalized text messages. AOL Instant

SnagIt AOL Instant Messenger Output  v.1.0

Sharing images with your AOL Instant Messenger buddies is now easier than ever. No need for a complicated, multi-step process...just install the AIM toolbar button right inside SnagIt! How will I use this? * Grab a funny image, add a text balloon,

Bluetooth Instant Messenger Valhallachat  v.1.0

Valhalla Chat is a Bluetooth Instant Messenger (IM), that provides a common messaging platform for mobile phones, desktop computers and

Imjay - A Secure Java Instant Messenger  v.0.3.1

Secure Java Instant Messenger. Supports asymmetric key encryption of messages. will support multiple protocols (Jabber initially) and multiple

JIM - Java Instant Messenger  v.0.2

JIM is a cross-platform instant messenger. Based on TCP/IP protocol. Supports conferencing as well as private

Instant Messenger for mobiles  v.1.0

instantmessenge is an open-source multi protocol instant messenger client for Microsoft Windows.

Borsuk Instant Messenger  v.1.0

Borsuk is a gtkmm2 based maths and physics instant messenger using jabber protocol. It sends data in XML (MathML, SVG) so it can be easily reused i.e. as a webpage. Integrated editor for maths formulas and graphics helps creating data i.e. rewriting it.

T(a)S(hi)K(ai) Instant Messenger  v.1.0

tskIM is an Instant Messenger service which will supply fully encrypted communications either over a server or via direct peer-to-peer connections.

Mobile Instant Messenger  v.1.0

Mobile Instant Messenger is a web-based Instant Messenger that can be accessed from a WAP-enable mobile phone. It is developed using XHTML MP, PHP and MYSQL and optimized to work on maximum browsers of any WAP-enable mobile phone.

Linux Instant Messenger Tonix  v.1.0

LIMT (Linux Instant Messenger Tonix) is a new IM for VoIP, text messages and file sharing.

Fama Instant Messenger  v.0.0.3

Fama Instant Messenger (Fama IM) is a multi platform multi protocol instant messenger client.

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